10 Things I’ve Told Myself This Week

My mind is almost always going a mile a minute – pondering, reflecting, planning. Is this okay? or What will happen if _____? or What do I think about ____? Here are a few things I’ve been saying to myself this week. See if you notice a theme.

1. It’s okay to stay home from the gym this week; you’re sick!

2. It’s okay to leave work to go to the doctor. They can survive without you for one     afternoon.

3. Yes, you and Jonathan are doing a good job managing Jonah’s screen time.

4. You’re not a bad mom for having a babysitter two Saturday nights in a row.

5. You’re not a bad mom for taking a few minutes for yourself between getting home from work and picking up Jonah from Nonni’s.

6. It’s okay that you haven’t written a blog post in a while.

7. You will have a job next year. (More to come about this, perhaps.)

8. You and Jonathan and doing a good job with the dogs. They are loved, happy and healthy.

9. It’s time to find some friends here. But the thought of that is pretty exhausting!

10. You can’t do much about the fact that the world seems to be going to hell right now. Do what you can and focus on the positive.



What has your self-talk sounded like this week?

4 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Told Myself This Week

  1. I love #10!!!!!

    I have been thinking about you a lot since I “met” you on Unfundamentalist Christians. I think like you do …. (arghhhhh!!!) I’m turning 71 in April … I’ve been “retired” since leaving the classroom in 1998 – but the mind doesn’t stop! 😉 My son went to work for Facebook recently … and I’m realizing that social networking is both the best thing and the worst idea that has shown up in the world to date. (That was the topic of my son’s Ph.D. in 2004.) I toured Facebook in December and wrote about it in my blog. Since then I’ve become obsessed with the power of social networking to influence the course of history. That sounds SO grandiose when I say it that way …. but the very fact that I could stumble across someone like you who is influencing the course of history on a daily basis in Atlanta, Georgia makes me know that I’m not off base.

    Ok … see what I mean about my mind!!! What I really was thinking about when I started to write was a Facebook group I started the other day after a thought occurred to me in the shower. Remember “WWJD?” Sometimes when I see what some of my “Christian” friends and relatives write on Facebook I feel like I’ve entered some sort of an alternate reality …. (Twilight Zone?) So as my mind continued to meander (which is the title of my blog) …. I continued to think of what I call the “cyber-civil war” (Red vs. Blue). Then I began to wonder how it’s all going to turn out now that the “war” has begun to leave cyberspace and hit the streets. Then I began to wonder how the “REAL” Civil War ended …. and what popped into my mind then was “WWALD.” (What Would Abraham Lincoln Do?)

    That’s what I call a “shower thot” and I’ve started jotting them down and seeing which ones “stick.” (Remember …. I’ve been “retired” for 20 years and have this kind of time on my hands 😉 .) This one stuck.

    The day after my visit to Facebook I began playing around with FB Groups (having become intrigued by Pantsuit Nation!) …. and started two of my own … which I can tell you about later if you’re interested. So as my “shower thot” continued to develop in my mind … I sat down and in about 30 seconds had created a group called “WW AL D?” … and invited my husband as the only member. There’s more to the story …. but I continued to play with it as actual ANSWERS to that question began to pop into my head….

    So that’s about where I am now. I’ve added a few more people to the group … people I know very well and either have interesting ideas along these lines …. and/or who can answer some of the stupid questions I have about how Facebook works! You are the first “stranger” I’ve invited to the group … and since I don’t know you my feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t join. I’m really just playing here … and the REASON I’m writing is because THIS is how I handle thought #10 on your list above! Check this out and play with me if you want. (I started another group that day called “Learning Facebook on Facebook” …. and am using that to address Common Core Writing Standard #6 in a book I’m writing about teaching writing …. (again … see what I mean about my meandering mind???)

    What Would Abraham Lincoln Do? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1274583195959840/

    Learning about Facebook on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/974525199315641/

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  2. OOPS … Holly … if you decide to approve my comment … please change the word “thing” to “idea” in the sentence about FB being the best (idea) and the worst (idea) …. (Teacher to teacher ;-))!

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