Dear Trump Enablers: This Is Your Fault

Dear Mike Pence, Congressional Republicans, Trump Aides, Evangelical Christian Leaders, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner,

I am writing to tell you that you are all spineless fools.

All of this is your fault.

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I am angry at you most of all because I don’t believe any of you are true believers.

You know better. You are smart. You are educated. You are well-read. Many of you claim to be people of great moral character. You are not suspected of having a personality disorder. Most of the time, you demonstrate that you know the difference between a fact and a falsehood. Several of you are such “devout Christians”  and supporters of “family values.” You allowed this to happen anyway.

You allowed Donald Trump, a man manifestly unfit for the presidency in terms of intellect, temperament, education and character, to become the leader of the free world. You knew he was unfit, but you supported him publicly. You encouraged others to vote for him.

While you publicly denounced each racist, vulgar statement, you still fell in line behind him. Even though you knew what was true, you refused to dispute his outright lies during the campaign, and you’re not disputing them now.

You have supported the orange goon, and are continuing to back him, out of absolutely shameless self-interest. You make me sick.

You’re continuing to fall in line because you’re enthralled with the power he has given to you.

You’re backing Trump’s signature proposals (even ones you had previously denounced) — the wall, the Muslim ban, the refugee ban, the deportation force. They are no longer just talk – they have been put in motion this week with your support.

You’re twisting Scripture to support his most egregious policies.

You’re even backing Trump about stupid things that everyone knows are lies, like his inauguration crowd. You’re letting Steve Bannon run things, for crying out loud. And you appear to be fine with it.

What happens next will be on you.

You enablers will not be the ones who suffer for this. No, that will be refugees, poor people, sick people, immigrants and the environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Donald Trump is a terrible person and absolutely one of the worst things that could happen to America. But I truly believe that he has a personality disorder, some type of dementia, or both. I think he is unwell.

But, enablers – you are not. Mentally you appear to be doing just fine, though I hope you are having trouble sleeping at night. You deserve it.

Rest assured, I will not forget, and I suspect many others won’t either.

Ivanka, I won’t buy your clothes or read your book. I won’t look at pictures or watch videos of your family. You, your husband and your dad use the kids as props, anyway.

Evangelical leaders, I am no longer going to an evangelical church partly because of my disgust with you.

Congressional Republicans, I promise to work every day between now and 2018/2020 to get your opponents elected.

I will resist the Trump regime every day of the next four years.

Last thing: History will not judge you kindly. Remember that.


Holly Love

(Left-of-center, white, middle-class Christian public school teacher from Georgia who is mad as hell)



12 thoughts on “Dear Trump Enablers: This Is Your Fault

  1. Spot on with how I feel. He’s done so much damage in a week I cringe to think what America(and the world) will look like 4 years from now. But like you I am going to do what I can to alleviate the harm, since no one around him seems likely to do so.


  2. Hi Tim, thanks for reading. I’m just so mad right now about how unjust this all is that I can’t even express it. A hopeful thing that was said to me yesterday was that if Trump continues at this rate he may be impeached within two years. We can only hope! Take care.


  3. Holly, it’s like you have read my mind. I was raised in the Methodist church and attend an evangelical church. Thankfully our ministerial staff have not politicked from the pulpit, but my congregation (about 3500) is by and large Trump supporters and I have not been comfortable attending church since the election. I am involved in music ministry (I play the piano). We left another congregation over some ugliness and it took us several months to find this church back in 2002 when politics wasn’t as divisive a force as it seems to be now. I am loathe to leave again but I think I’m going to have to find a weeknight or Sunday night place with likeminded people. This is SO hard. My parents are deceased and my extended family has several people who are just convinced that Trump is going to just make us a Christian nation again (as IF we ever were). When Jesus said, “in this world you will have trouble,” I didn’t realize that so much of the trouble would be from fellow believers. I am so sad. Thank you for writing this. I feel much, much less alone today.

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    • Hi! Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m so sorry that you are feeling out of place at your church. It’s so hard to leave a place where you have roots, even if it no longer fits. It sounds like you have a good solution to try to find a like-minded community elsewhere without leaving. I’ve found recently that often the people who grieve and offend me the most deeply are fellow Christians (check out below). It’s terrible. I don’t have the answers, but I’m so glad you reached out. Blessings to you today. 🙂


  4. Hillary think its ok to abort 9 month old babys, im not a christian and dont realy care about those fairytales but from my point of view u cant be a christian if u voted for Hillary.

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  5. “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” Matthew 5:44-45
    I’m tired of seeing all this vitriol towards Trump and his supporters coming from Christians. I in no way support Trump’s policies but there’s got to be a better way than throwing insults at him/them like you did here. This is a better response to the whole issue:


  6. A couple of thoughts: 1) It appears you are in the UK? If so, you are one of many people from other countries who I have seen recently posting similar sentiments. It’s a lot easier to speak caution and to admonish those of us who are actively resisting if you are removed from the situation. 2) There is a time to be angry. That is a biblical concept. I am angry about injustice. Are you? I think you would also be angry to see your Latino students crying every day and afraid to come to school, to see supposedly “Christian” leaders claiming that taking in refugees is “not a Bible issue,” etc. Now I agree that the Bible says “in your anger do not sin,” which I need to continually remind myself of. But no mealy-mouthed normalization for me. No thanks.


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