Which Kind of Fish Would You Rather Be?

I did a phone interview for a new job a couple of weeks ago. (Shh!) If my boss happens to be reading this, I didn’t get advanced to the second round of interviews, which is actually alright with me. The job was with a national nonprofit, which I feel may be the next step in my career trajectory, so I thought I might as well interview for the position for the experience, if nothing else.

Even if they had advanced me to the second round of interviews, I wasn’t completely sold on taking the job because it was a lower-level position with less responsibility than my current job. However, it paid quite a bit more than my current position and had better benefits. As a national nonprofit with a large endowment, they could afford higher salaries. In my current position with a local nonprofit, I have a lot of decision-making power and responsibility. I actually love my current job, but I feel like I deserve to be making more money.

So this begs the question: career-wise, is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? Is it better to take an entry-level position with a big organization/company with more money and room to grow, or a senior management position with a smaller organization but less money?

As I prowled the wilds of the Internet looking for an expert response to this question, I unsurprisingly couldn’t find much one way or the other. Maybe it is a matter of opinion.

So what do you think? Small fish or big fish, and why?

4 thoughts on “Which Kind of Fish Would You Rather Be?

  1. Small fish in a big pond because there is room for growth. I thrive on challenge and new experiences. ..one I become too big for my pond…I would look for a bigger pond.


      • Very true. I would like to add, I would choose a pond where I am happy and will only work for a organization that has a purpose and passion aligned to my own.


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