It Works and Me

About a year ago I started seeing posts on my Facebook news feed having to do with this:

Crazy-Wrap-Adindependent distributor logo

All of a sudden, It Works was everywhere. I saw multiple posts per day about various products and reasons to use them, as well as posts about reasons to become a distributor. I used to joke with Jonathan about those crazy wrap girls blowing up my Facebook wall. But then…I saw before and after pictures. “Hmm,” I thought, “Those look impressive. Maybe I’ll need to try something sometime and see if it really does work.” Then I found out that the products were all natural. “Yep, I’ll try something one of these days,” I thought. Then I saw people posting about how their commissions from selling It Works replaced the income from their regular job. “I don’t believe that, ” I said. “That just seems incredible.”

Things continued along in this state for a while, with It Works hovering on the edge of my subconscious. Then Jonathan lost his job–a week after we bought a new house. Want to know what sucks? That does. Our options were either for him to take the first job he could get, regardless of it was a good fit for him and fit his long-term goals, or to try to wait and hold out for something better. We decided that it would be better for him to wait, and that we would make ends meet in the meantime.

Enter It Works. “Jonathan,” I said, “You should think about selling It Works! The products are all-natural. I’ve seen the pictures…they really do work! You’re great at convincing people to try things. You would be awesome at this!” Not believing what I was doing, I messaged one of the “wrap girls” and told her that we were interested in becoming distributors. After talking to her, we decided that it would be better if I became the distributor for our family, at least at first. So I did.

That was 12 days ago. Other than the fact that I’m actually doing this at all, the biggest surprise to me about this whole thing is how much I’m enjoying it. I can chalk that up to three reasons:

  1. I have always been one for personal goals and projects. I am pretty self-directed.
  2. I have worked for someone else since I was 15 years old. It’s an amazing change to work, more or less, for myself.
  3. Being a distributor has already been a growing experience for me. I’ve talked to people that I wouldn’t otherwise have talked to, I’ve taken risks, and I’ve put myself out there in ways that are unusual for me.

So believe it or not, I’m having a lot of fun. Though it’s not much, I’m proud of myself for what I have accomplished so far. As mama to a little boy, I want my son to grow up believing in the power of women to accomplish great things, and having my own business is an example of that for him.

So talk to me about trying some products! Or don’t. Become a distributor and join my team! Or don’t. I’m having fun either way.

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